Japanese Master

Japanese Master

Tetsuo Tabata

Tetsuo Tabata

(6th Dan JKF-Goju-Kai)

Teacher and friend

from Stanko Kumer

passed a way 1990


Shozo Ujita
  • Tetsuo Tabata

(6th Dan JKF Goju-Kai)


  • Shozo Ujita

(10th Dan JKF Goju-Kai)

passed a way 1989


  • Stanko Kumer

(7th Dan JKF Goju-Kai)

  • In 1981 Stanko Kumer (Neutraubling) received the documentary permission from Grandmaster Ujita to open the 35th Kenbukan Dojo in Germany.
  • In addition, Stanko Kumer (7th Dan JKF Goju-Kai) is the official representative of JKF Goju-Kai / Kenbukan in Germany.
  • In the meantime, almost all Karate clubs, which are trained according to the rules of the Kenbukan Hombo Dojo in Germany and the JKF Goju-Kai, bear the name "KENBUKAN".